Shadow Fight 2 – Next Level Action Categorized Game

By | June 24, 2018

Shadow Fight 2 – Next Level Action Categorized Game

The count of the digital game available on the play store and the app store is increasing tremendously. Lots of new games are introduced on the daily basis. It is good as the person is having a lot of choices, however finding the best one out is little daunting. In case you are the sufferer of this same point then it’s time to give a glance at Shadow Fight 2. It is the game developed by NEKKI and is categorized under action steam.

There is no need to pay money for playing this game, it is completely free. Yet the option of in-app purchases is present as the game currency is playing an important role, consequently, it contains ads. The rating of the game very well describes the bright side of the game and there are millions of people out playing this game.

More details about the game

In case you are willing to know more about the game then make sure to give a proper look at the below-stated points.

·         The player should focus on taking down the enemy under the light of delightful intuitive control, the thanks goes to the all-new the fighting interface which is specially designed for the touch screens.

·         The journey of the player would be from six different worlds that are filled with menacing.

·         The player is also having the option of customizing their own player with the epic swords option, armour suits, and magical powers.

Focus on complete challenges

The option of availing the challenges start from the second stage, it can also be termed as the fights which have non-campaign enemies. Even there are some specific conditions which only get applied to the player and not on the opponent. The best-suited example of it could be – you may be asked for fighting in the absence of helmet or even a worse situation. It simplifies that getting knocked to the ground automates the loss. The player can also be limited to the time period or say the use of kick can be restricted.

These are only some of the situations in which the person can find themselves; however, if the player anyhow managed to reach the third stage, the difficulty level of the game would rise. A player usually gets 12 challenges in every single stage and completing the challenges will be helping the person to earn coins and even XP. The player should make sure to complete all the challenges and especially at the times when levelling up is getting harder.

Tip to beat butcher

The butcher is termed to be boss of the third stage, it can easily be guessed by the name. The weapons of this boss are two butcher knives. The physique of his is big and burly; however, he is having some of the powerful magic spells. He is even quite quick in accordance with the size. Therefore the difficulty that a person would be facing in defecating is clear. However, it is strange to know that defeating butcher is quite simpler in the comparison of the hermit.

The boss would take it easy on you in the first round and smartly will save all the game turning points for future. The player should focus on maintaining a good distance from the boss as the closeness will be turning things worse for the person. The sad part about fighting this boss is that the magic done by him cannot be discounted. The attacks of boss are heavy and can reverse the game in seconds. Therefore try to fight him from distance.

Final words

It is all that I can share with you in this particular post. In case the points are quite convincing to you than take a step forward and download now the game in your smart device. If you are IOS holder then search the app store or else play store is an option for Android supported devices. You don’t have to pay a single penny for playing the game as it is completely free. One bonus advice before ending this post is – game currency is having a major role to play therefore be sure at the time when spending it. But you can get more currencies with Shadow Fight 2 Hack.