Homescapes – Details About Match-3 Levels

By | June 23, 2018

Homescapes – Details About Match-3 Levels

Homescapes is designed and developed on the basis of two factors. The first factor is related to the renovation of a mansion and the game progress is depending on it. The second one is the match-3 levels. By playing and completing these levels, the players can easily collect currency. There are numerous things available in the match-3 levels. For completing the levels properly, the players need to focus on all of them, follow facebook.

Know more about match-3 levels

For receiving rewards and completing the levels, the players are required to focus on different things. In this way, the players are able to complete the levels and achieve the objectives without any type of issue. When you are playing the levels then you should make the decisions carefully. It is the only source which can boost a player’s earnings and help in gathering stars & coins. By it, the players can get currency for mansion’s renovation.

Additional facts

The match-3 levels are designed by featuring different types of things and items in it. When the players are making combinations on board then they need to check out these things. Mainly these items are –

Level related limitation

The players are required to complete each and every level with some restrictions or limitations. The biggest limitation is related to the time period and moves. In this particular way, the players are required to complete the levels in specific time period/limited moves. If you are not able to do it, then you may face failure and need to take the second attempt.


Lives are essential for playing the match-3 levels. It plays a role like a currency. In case the players do not have a single live then they cannot participate in any level. A player can hold maximum five lives in the account at a time. The lives are deducted with the failures only. If we talk about its collection then the lives get recovered after a specific time period automatically. In case you do not want to waste time and get them immediately then spend some coins and purchase the lives.


Every level is tagged with a specific objective. For completing the levels successfully, the players are required to achieve these objectives first. It can be based on the combinations and use of proper resources. If you are performing activities by creating a proper balance then you can complete a level without an issue. In case you are creating combination randomly then you may face failure and lose a live. It reduces an opportunity to gather currency by receiving rewards.

Levels can be played again or not
Most of the players are trying to know that they can play the completed levels again or not. You can easily play the previous levels. If you are completing the previous players then you are able to receive reward again. By it, the players are able to gather required funds quickly. You should consider this way when you are not able to complete the new levels and need currency with Homescapes Cheats