Clash Royale What Everyone Should Know About

By | February 15, 2018

Clash Royale – What everyone should know about?

Do you love to play strategy based games If yes then you may have tried many and find that Clash Royale is best. It is offering interactive features with some of the realistic visuals. You can download the game free of cost and enjoy it. Make sure you earn good amount of currencies to win as gold and gems play the vital role in winning. You can find Clash Royale Cheats online which can help in earning good amount of resources with ease. Potion is important and it is hard to earn but the hack tools can save your money as well as time however we recommend you to stay away from these. The main reason is safety issues. The use of such programs can be harmful and you can end up getting banned by the developers. In such conditions, you need to create new account.

Follow The Tutorial

The tutorial offered is able to help in learning some of the pure basics of game. It can explain that how to earn gold, gems and other resources. Elixir play vital role while battling and you can collect it level 10 and it is regenerated automatically. As you use the common troop then it consumes fewer amounts and the number of elixir is given on the card. However, some of the powerful troops can eat up all the elixir and in such conditions, you need to focus on distracting the opponent and wait for the elixir to charge up. It can be time-consuming in the beginning but you can easily get rid of all the issues by learning the method to use elixir and other things.

Focus On Chests

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The game is offering free chests to collect resources and it can offer you gold and gems. Even you can get some of the rare cards from it. There are many types of it. You can get clan chest, arena chest, crown chest and many other type of it. Just winning in a battle won’t make you the best gamer. You need to focus on the currencies and try to find the best method that is able to help in winning. It can be troublesome to avail the legendary and such other chests but still, you should try to get it. The maximum chests you collect, the higher rewards you are able to earn with ease and most of expert says that they used chests to earn currencies and win in the game.

Spending Gold and Gems

Gold is primary and required in the upgrade of cards. You have common, epic and rare cards that can be taken to the max level with the help of gold. Each card has different value. If you are upgrading a common card then it twitch will obtain fewer gold however if you are going for rare cards or epic one then it can consume a good amount of gold. in such conditions, you should focus on conversion of gems into gold so that you can progress well.