A Beginners guide for Megapolis

By | July 22, 2018

 On both platform IOS and Android, the best game are available Megapolis. It is the best imagination and dream world. In the game, you can make own world and add the many building or other things. The power plants, airports, railway stations, airports and many other things are available in the real world. One of the best features is that in it 700 different types of buildings are available with hundreds of various construction materials. Many kinds of tasks and quests are available which make the game popular. Some tips and tricks related to the game I will tell you today.

  1. Enter the quests or challenges-

The company organized the many challenges or quest to make game famous. In it also many types of missions and quests are available which make the game so popular. Via completing the quest and challenges, you are able to unlock the many buildings. It is also useful to earn free currencies in the game. The quests and challenges are the best sources to earn free experience points. So if you want to win free coins, experience points and unlock the many buildings, then it is the best way.

  1. Tips to invest money-

If you are a beginner and you want to spend your currencies, then Parks and the monuments are the best. Via the park and Monuments, you can earn the coins in the bank account. It is also useful to increase your experience points and population cap figure. So it is the best way to invest the currencies. The best way is also available to invest the money in the upgrade. Via the update, you can improve your shark spend and performance. Via increases the shark performance you’re winning chances are automatically increased. So it is also the best way to spend money with Megapolis Hack.