Best alternatives to ShowBox App

The world of entertainment is now in our fingertips with advancement in technology and development of various movie streaming apps. The hot and current movies and TV shows and flicks can now easily be enjoyed by using a couple of amazing movie apps. These apps work on a simple and easy interface and makes download of movies easy and simple. Some of the apps also allow streaming of movies right away and save them for future and watch in offline mode. Some of the widely popular and commonly used movie-streaming apps are mentioned below.


What is ShowBox?

ShowBox is invigorated with a stack of irresistible features of easy online download and free streaming of movies and videos.

  1. Reality shows, TV shows, trailers, teasers and movies can be viewed using ShowBox movie streaming app at absolutely free of cost.
  2. It allows you to stream movies online of high definition quality and hence a perfect choice for all movie buffs. The cherry on the cake is that you can download movies of your choice and save them in your created playlist. You can watch them later in offline or flight mode.
  3. It is one of the most talked about movie apps owing to its availability of a variety of flicks from all categories and generations.

The other alternative apps to ShowBox are highlighted below with their primary interesting features.


MovieBox is highly preferred movie streaming app for free downloads of shows, videos and flicks in your Android devices.

  1. The app is graced with features to watch movies and teasers from any background including drama, comedy, tragedy etc.
  2. You can also look for movies from recent to olden days and surf for various TV shows.
  3. You can also enjoy online streaming and download of you favorite movies and save them in a playlist. The app is designed to be supported by different formats like mp4, wmv, etc.

Download Movie Box


The Hubi app allows free download of movies at a commendable high speed as compared to all other movie streaming apps.

  1. You can watch videos and teasers from the different internet sites and then download it using Hubi’s high speed which is absolutely free.
  2. The app is synchronized with your selection and preference for movies and even allows multiple streaming of movies at the very same time.

MegaBox HD

This is another highly demanded movie streaming app with a commendable rating. This movie downloading and streaming app is pretty popular and is currently being used by a huge chunk of the crowd and movie geeks

  1. A wide collection of movies are stacked in Megabox HD app from different categories like drama, action, comedy, romance, fiction and many more in HD quality.
  2. It is designed for all Android users that do not require a very high storage. It works on an easy platform and thus making it handy and easy to use by all.
  3. It allows you search and assort flicks of your choice from all generation and has on demand feature to allow streaming of movies right away.

Download Megabox HD

Hand Signals that Volleyball Setters Use

Setters are the leaders on the court for their volleyball team; they communicate strategies to their teammates for each point. Hand signals are usually made behind the back by the players, prior to the serve in order to conceal them from the opposing team. Each hand refers to the type of block that the players will set on the corresponding side of the court.


Just as the hand signals, the best volleyball shoes for men and women hold same level of importance in the game. So be sure to invest in them accordingly.

Zone Serving Signals

Few coaches allow their setters to choose the zones each server should attack. The setters use their fingers to communicate the zones. If the setter flashes one finger behind his/ her back, the serve delivers the ball to the Zone 1, or right back. Two fingers indicate Zone 2, or right front. Zone 3 is middle front, Zone 4 is left front and Zone 5 is left back. To indicate Zone 6 or middle back, setters flash their thumb.

Simpler Serving Signals

Sometimes coaches prefer to tell their servers to serve to a more general area of the court instead of a specific zone. To serve to the right side of the court, setters show their right thumb behind their back to communicate to the team. Showing the left thumb means serving to the left side. To serve down the center of the court, the setter flashes both thumbs. To serve a weak passer on the right side of the court, a setter can shake his right hand. Shaking a left hand lets the serve know to serve to a struggling passer on the left side.

Quick Set Signals

The setters can use signals to tell the hitters what types of set they will execute on a particular play. For example, the setter points his index finger up to signify a vertical quick set, or one set is coming. A pinky finger if pointing up- indicates a vertical quick set to the right- side hitter (also known as a back one set), if pointing sideways- means a back-slide attack using a horizontal quick set. A hand brushing down the middle of the chest designates a pipe set to the back-row hitter who is positioned in the middle of the court.

High Set Signals

Hand signals can also be used when calling plays for high sets. For a high set to Zone 1, the setter flashes one finger and then flashes two fingers. The hitter will then call out “12” to confirm the play call. The setter shows two fingers and then flashes two fingers again for a “22” high set to Zone 2. Three fingers followed by two fingers communicates a “32” high set to Zone 3. A “42” is a high set to Zone 4, A “52” is a high set to Zone 5. For a “62” high set to Zone 6, the setter uses her thumb to represent six followed by two fingers.

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